Conyers  Witness

"Let every home have an altar.  Each altar should have a crucifix, a blessed candle and an image of My Mother.  Every crucifix, every image of My Mother and every candle should be blessed.  Let holy water be freely available in each home."  My children need a place to go and be quiet and be alone with Me.  Each home should have a place to be alone with me.

Jesus at Conyers, GA, February 21, 1992
"To Bear Witness that I AM the LIVING SON OF GOD"
Volume II, 1996, page X, message #179

Many catholic parishes have closed due to a shortage of priests and funds.  Many other parishes have been "clustered", sharing one priest.  The result is many churches are now locked much of the time.  Some churches are now open only a couple of hours each weekend for Mass.  In many areas, the days of just stopping in for a visit or to say the Rosary, are gone.

Give yourself and your family a great gift.  Set aside a small area in your home for prayer, a place to be alone with Jesus.  It does not need to be large or cost a lot of money.  Use what you have.  God is interested in your effort, not your budget.

Most of the items used in our photo were purchased at the Holy Spirit Monastery at Conyers.  The religious items store is their main means of support.  There is much more merchandise in the store than is available on their web site.  If you do not see what you want, email or telephone them.

The statue of Our Loving Mother that was instructed for use on the Conyers Holy Card by the Blessed Mother is available from the Monastery at

I have found the Trappest Monks to be very happy to bless the items for you if you request it.  Some other things you might use in your little area are the Bible, photos or icons of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, The Sacred Heart of Jesus or The Divine Mercy.  Photos of loved ones in need of prayer, a green scapular for conversion, a Rosary, prayer cards, a little notebook of names of those in need of prayer, palms from Palm Sunday behind the crucifix or a little bowl of Holy Water to use in making the sign of the cross at the beginning and end of prayer.  You can get Holy Water at any Catholic church.  If you do not see a receptacle with a spigot for your use, ask the priest.  Take your own bottle with you.

There are may sources for kneelers.  The one in the photo comes from  You can see others with a google search for prayer kneeler.  For folks with good balance, a floor pillow will do.